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Net Zero Homes


What is a Net Zero Energy Home?

Imagine owning a home that produces as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis. That’s what our Net Zero Energy Homes will do, depending on occupant behaviour. In designing the Net Zero Home program for Doug Tarry Homes, we set a goal to design and build a home that was a decade ahead of today’s current building practice.

More importantly, we designed the home specifications to be simple. No spaceship in the basement, no complicated control systems that take years to learn and no high tech components that no one understands. SIMPLE.

In order to create a net-zero energy home, there are three basic elements or steps to consider when designing and building the house:

  • Reduce the home’s energy requirements.
  • Include renewable energy systems to provide the amount of energy required to operate the home.
  • Operate the home efficiently.

Owning a Net Zero Home can offer a wide range of benefits, such as

  • Low utility bills
  • A more comfortable living space
  • A greener choice for the environment
  • Better future

Making the decision to purchase a Net Zero Energy Home will provide your family with years of enjoyment of a healthier, safer home with a more comfortable living space, with fewer drafts, more even interior temperatures, fewer humidity issues and better indoor air quality. These homes are also more durable, so there are fewer long term maintenance costs and they are future proofed against rising energy costs.

In fact when you compare the additional cost of building a Net Zero Home to a home built to the Ontario Building Code it can actually be less costly overall for the combined mortgage and utility costs off the Net Zero home, meaning it is a more affordable choice overall.

Net Zero Homes are also more environmentally sustainable with lower greenhouse gas emissions and pollution, more responsible use of resources and reducing the household’s overall carbon footprint.

What is different from our regular homes?

  • A slightly higher level of insulation in our walls, basements, basement slabs and ceilings, but with  all the same materials we normally use.
  • The Dettson Smart Ducting HVAC System, for smaller ducting, better air flow and greater  occupant comfort.
  • Triple glazed North Star windows, rather than double glazed and low solar coatings as required.
  • The same ERV manufacturer (VanEE) as we normally use, but with an ECM motor we call this our  “fresh air machine”.
  • A high performance water heater along with a recirc system for instant hot water.
  • A Drain Water Heat Recovery Pipe to capture waste water heat.
  • Solar (PV) panels that feed excess electricity to the grid for net metering, providing credits on your  electricity bill

Have questions? Contact us today for more information on a Net Zero Home.