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Street Trees

Doug Tarry Ltd. will be planting a tree in the boulevard adjacent your property; the species selected is native to southern Ontario and is ideally suited for the location and soil type. Landscape plans are approved by the Municpality at time of subdivision approval; tree types cannot be changed. This is an important landscape feature of the neighbourhood and the City as a whole; homeowner support is imperative to the success of the tree. Homeowners are required to water and care for the trees in the boulevard of their lot.

Trees are planted in the spring or late fall.

The contractor will give the tree its first watering at the time of tree planting. The tree should be watered over the root ball for the first season and just outside the root ball for the second season – to encourage roots to grow outwards. The best method is a slow trickle from the garden hose left to run until water runs off the surface of the soil.

Extreme caution should be exercised when mowing and trimming (weed eaters) near trees as to not injure the stem of a young tree and cause its eventual death. Please remove weeds and grass from around the base of the tree and ensure the mulch remains intact. Mulch is an important part of tree maintenance because it can help cool the soil below, hold in moisture, control weeds, and protect the tree from injuries sustained by lawnmowers and trimmers. It is important to not mound the mulch so it is directly touching the base of the stem or to add mulch to exceed the maximum depth of four inches.

To assist with watering, a treegator bag may be installed at the time of planting. The treegator bag is a slow release watering bag that continuously waters the tree, this helps to:

01 Prevent water loss due to evaporation; and
02 Deliver water deep below the soil surface, encouraging strong root growth

Treegator bags should be refilled every 5 to 7 days; homeowners should continue to water the rootball to encourage outward root growth and check bags frequently during times of high heat or drought.

The tree in front of your property has a two-year guarantee. Please do not trim the tree or remove the tree supports or tree guards, as this is the responsibility of Doug Tarry Ltd. Should the tree die and need to be replaced, or requires maintenance, please contact: Doug Tarry Ltd. Land Development (519) 631-9300 ext. 26