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Asphalt Driveways

Your asphalt driveway is covered by warranty for one-year from the date of installation.

Driveways will be paved approximately one-year after closing to allow backfill around the house time to settle. Driveway paving generally begins in June and is finished by October.

Minor settlement, tire markings and some stone flaking are normal characteristics of asphalt. A driveway is designed for light duty traffic and precautions should be taken to keep it in good condition. To ensure proper curing, homeowners should not park on the driveway for 7-10 days after completion.

Potential sources of driveway damage include:
• Dripping oil or gas from a vehicle
• Parking on the driveway for extended periods of time during warm weather
• Sharp objects that may sink into asphalt in warm weather – causing holes
• Scraping the surface with snow removal or landscaping equipment
• Turning a vehicle’s tires while stationary