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About Doug Tarry Homes

Doug Tarry Homes is committed to our customers in St. Thomas and the surrounding areas since 1954. In that time we have learned a great deal about home building. Our achievements are the culmination of a legacy passed on to us by our father Doug Tarry Sr. During the summer family canoe trips, he taught us “always leave our campsite, better than we found it”.

From the time our company founder envisioned his first blueprint, Doug Tarry Sr. lived his dream of designing and building homes of superior quality and craftsmanship for the families of St. Thomas and surrounding area.

Today, we continue to build upon our father’s blueprint for success, one family at a time. We know Doug Tarry Sr. would be proud of our achievements, our dedication and our commitment to our community.

At Doug Tarry Limited, we recognize the importance of personalizing your new home. We provide a complete range of in-house design services, including both structural and décor design.