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Quick Possession Homes

On this page you will find information about our Model Homes and Quick Possession Homes.

The Quick Possession Homes are a great alternative for those who are in need of new home faster than they are able to build one. Maybe you have a job transfer, your current home has a quick closing or the start of the new school year is fast approaching!

While some enjoy going through the entire build process (layout planning, pricing, selection process) . some simply do not. This client still very much recognizes the benefit of purchasing new construction, and the 'turn key' feel is ideal for them.

The Model Homes, while available for purchase, may have extended closing time lines depending on our needs.

We do hope to have several home style options available for possession, throughout the year.

For more information contact Suzie Dennis at 519-637-6819 ext. 30 or by email at

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    Michele Milles

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    Amanda Joiner

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    Suzie Dennis

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