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Residential Overhead Door

Preventative Maintenance – Residential Overhead Door & Operator

Overhead Door

  • Every 6 months – or whenever a squeak is heard – lubricate your overhead doors with a spray lubricant. This includes your hinges, rollers, tracks, and springs.
  • Complete a visible inspection of your overhead door annually. This includes checking your cables to ensure they are not frayed.


  • Photoeyes – make sure your photoeye sensors are in line, the lenses are clean, and there is nothing blocking their path. If your door will not close, this is most likely why. Also be careful not to get the photoeyes wet as they are not waterproof!
  • Chain drive openers – make sure that the chain is oiled and your rail is greased.
  • Belt drive openers – make sure that your rail is greased.

All of the products required for service can be purchased at Western Overhead Door! If you
would like Western Overhead Door to take care of the work for you, please call 519-691-0000 to book a preventative maintenance service!

For further information on your new overhead door and or operator, please download the Western Overhead Door handout.