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Tarion provides new home warranty protection to Ontario homes. The Homeowner Information Package (HIP) provides a general overview of warranty coverage and the procedures under the Ontario New Home Warranty Plan. A copy of the HIP can be found on the Tarion website online. Take some time to carefully read through the HIP and become familiar with the contents, which include:

• The statutory warranties that apply
• The responsibilities of homeowners, builders and Tarion
• The process used by Tarion to handle statutory warranty claims

Tarion can be reached at 1-877-9TARION (1-877-982-7466) or visit their website at

Doug Tarry Ltd. Tarion Builder Enrollment Number 14257 and your Tarion New Home Enrollment number can be found at the top of your Tarion paperwork.



The 1 Year Tarion Form is used to notify Tarion and the Builder of new warranty issues that need to be addressed arising during the first year of possession of your home. The form must be submitted to Tarion within the last 30 days of the first year of possession of your home to be accepted by Tarion.

Nail pops are addressed only once during the first year of possession of your new home and therefore we recommend these issues be left for the 1 Year warranty appointment for best results.

The next opportunity you will have to notify Tarion of warranty items is on your 2 Year Form which may be submitted at any time during the second year.



The Second Year Form may be submitted to Tarion anytime during the second year. Please follow the instructions on the 2 Year Tarion document regarding submission of the completed form to Tarion and the builder.

Emergency Items – These items include issues which could cause further damage to your home (i.e. water leaks), or have the potential to cause injury to any person (i.e. loose railing). If you have an item that needs to be addressed immediately please contact our office during regular business hours 519-631-9300 ext 25, and for other hours please call 519-808-6439

For inquiries please contact Doug Tarry Homes Customer Care Manager Darryl Walker at 519-631-9300 extension 25 or by Fax: 519-631-3583.