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Solar Ready

Doug Tarry Homes Introduces Solar Ready Homes!

At Doug Tarry Homes we strongly support conservation! Our company has received numerous recognitions for our efforts. As a participant in the ENERGYSTAR Program, we are proud to announce that every home we build will be equipped as a Solar Ready Home.

Energy Conservation in a new home needs to be a priority as it is so easy to do so at the time of building and so difficult and costly to do so later. Solar Ready is the next step in housing efficiency. A Solar Ready equipped home provides the opportunity for your home to create its own energy.

We are honoured to have been chosen by NRCan to be their builder for the Solar Ready Pilot Project.

Solar Ready Specifications include:

  • 2-2″ c-vac conduits from mechanical room to attic, to allow for future Thermal and Photo Voltaic installations.
  • Pre installed plumbing connections to allow for less disruptive future solar hot water installation.
  • Pre-wired electrical at the location of the future solar hot water tank.
  • Roof and mechanical room layouts showing future solar panel and hot water tank locations provided to homeowner.
  • Sticker labels on the mechanical room conduit and the hot water tank indicating the Solar Ready connections.

At Doug Tarry Homes, we look forward to bringing you the future!

NOTE: By building a home to ENERGYSTAR requirements, using Advanced Framing Techniques and completing the installation of a Thermal Solar Hot Water System, your home will consume at least 40% less energy for it’s operations than that of the exact same home built to the 1997 Ontario Building Code (our reduction benchmark). This will dramatically reduce your home’s energy consumption and save you money!