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New Home Tips: Selecting Colours for Your New Home

Interior & Exterior Colour Choices

When I talk to new home buyers I’m often asked what colour shingles, trim and brick I would suggest they use on the exterior of the home. That is a very subjective decision and it has to be made by the purchaser. I always suggest that they drive around and see what combinations appeal to them the most. It is much easier to make a proper choice by doing this.

Interior wall colours are also very difficult to have someone choose for you as everyone has different tastes. Wall colours are often drawn from the colours in the furniture you have. One should be very careful in choosing a colour based on a paint chip that you have seen at a paint supply store. They often appear quite different when actually applied to a large surface. My advice would be to choose a colour, buy a small amount of the paint, have one wall painted and see if you like it. If you do like it then buy more and carry on, if you don’t then you can modify it until you have it just right and then carry on. I hope these tips may be of some help.