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New Home Tips: Preparing Windows & Doors of Your New Home for Winter


With the arrival of fall it’s a good time to prepare your house for the cold of winter. One area that should be attended to is the exterior caulking around windows and doors. As caulking ages it sometimes shrinks and cracks leaving gaps around these windows and doors. This could allow water or cold air to enter in. It is best to try and remove the old caulking, using a Flathead screwdriver or a small putty knife (it is not an easy job). When it is removed, new caulking should then be applied. I recommend buying a good quality caulking which is flexible, has good adhesion, minimal shrinkage and is relatively easy to use. The local lumberyard would be a good place to start to get some advice on this product.

Caulking comes in a tube which has a plastic cone shaped end on it. This tube fits in an applicator commonly called a “gun”. The tip of the cone shaped end must be cut off and the tube punctured to allow the caulking to come out. The caulking comes out when steady grip pressure is applied to the handles on the caulking gun. When the caulking does start coming out the point of the tube it should slowly be moved over the crack to be filled. Applying caulking is an acquired skill that takes some practice. Good advice would be to apply it slowly with care until you gain some experience. Good Luck and Good Caulking.