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How Drywall Cracks and Nail Pops are Prevented with A Doug Tarry Built Home

Nail pops and cracks in drywall are a common occurrence in new homes. There are two main reasons why they occur.

The first reason is poor quality installation, especially in the case of nail pops. Nails or screws not put in straight have more of a tendency to protrude through the drywall because there is not as much drywall compound covering them.

Another problem occurs if the sheet of drywall is not snug against the framing material. Pressure against the sheet will cause drywall “popping”. Too much moisture in the framing material will also cause the nails to pop, once the wood dries out.

Cracks in drywall usually occur over windows, doorways and archways. This is the result of the house settling and drying out. This is a common occurrence, however a well framed house with tight joints and securely nailed members will not settle as much as one which is shoddily constructed. Also a home constructed of Kiln dried lumber and not air-dried will have less problems associated with drying and therefore less cracking.

At Doug Tarry Limited, we approach this problem right from the start by using all kiln dried material so there is less shrinkage. Also, before any drywall is applied, our carpenter checks all the framing in the house to ensure it is straight and sound. Conscientious workmen with many years of experience install the drywall. A key member of their crew is the drywall taper who checks all screw and nail heads to make sure they are secured properly. This approach has served us fairly well in that we seldom need to return to a home for drywall repairs.