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ENERGY STAR® is a government-backed labeling program that helps people and organizations save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by identifying factories, office equipment, home appliances and electronics that have superior energy efficiency.

What is an ENERGY STAR® Qualified Home?

Eighty-eight percent of the nation’s largest homebuilders build ENERGY STAR® certified homes. These homes are at least 15% more efficient than those built to code and include additional energy-saving features to deliver a performance advantage of up to 30% compared to typical new homes. And home buyers have more homes to choose from than ever before: In 2016, more than 92,000 ENERGY STAR® certified new homes were built, bringing the total to more than 1.7 million homes. EPA also continues to advance residential new construction program requirements as states adopt more energy-saving building codes.

ENERGY STAR® as a resource

Consumers also rely on ENERGY STAR® as their trusted resource for practical information on saving energy. In 2016, American consumers and businesses visited the ENERGY STAR® website more than 8 million times to learn how to reduce their energy bills, making use of popular tools such as ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager, the ENERGY STAR® Home Advisor, and the Home Energy Yardstick.

Program savings
Together, the ENERGY STAR® homes program helped homeowners save $360 million in energy costs in 2015, contributing to cumulative energy cost savings of $2.5 billion since 1992.*