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Paving Stone Driveways

Paving Stone driveways are a great alternative to the standard asphalt driveway; however, homeowners should note  that paving stone driveways require significantly more maintenance than the traditional asphalt or concrete driveway. A paving stone driveway is less susceptible to settlement issues than asphalt driveways and may be installed immediately following closing. Install dates are subject to contractor schedule and driveways may not be completed in order of closing.

Installation is approximately a three-day process;
Day 1: excavation; homeowners should not park in the laneway
Day 2: lay stones; homeowners should continue to park on the street
Day 3: install edge restraint and apply sand; ok to park on the driveway

Homeowners will be required to do some sweeping of sand following completion. Sand should be re-applied annually as storm water can wash it away throughout the year.

What is covered by warranty?

DTL offers a one-year warranty on paving stone driveways. This covers settlement issues, stone defects and issue with driveway installation.

Sometimes homeowners may find glue on pavers; the glue is applied to prevent the pavers from rubbing together. It also provides space between the pavers and reduces efflorescence and water stains. The glue will come off easily in most instances – sometimes you may need a putty knife to make it easier. The dark spot that remains after glue is removed will disappear in the sun and rain. Efflorescence is a whitish powder like deposit that sometimes appears on concrete. It will usually wash and wear off over time. The manufacturer recommends that you do not apply treatment
to your driveway to remove efflorescence; doing so may affect warranty coverage.