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New Home Tips: Finishing the Basement at Your New Home

Tips for a Warm & Dry Basement

Many people decide to finish a room in the basement soon after they move into a new home. A successful rec. room project would include that it be warm and dry.

To make sure the basement is good and dry, a drainage layer on the exterior of the basement wall will help by directing any water which comes in contact with the wall down to the weeping tile. This drainage layer is made up of compressed sheets of insulation, plastic membranes or a sprayed rubber compound. All are good in providing you with a drainage layer.

Although a drainage layer is not a building code requirement it is required is you want to fully insulate your basement walls from floor to ceiling. A fully insulated basement wall would insure that you achieve the warmth that you would desire in a finished rec. room. If you’re building a new home and have plans on a future rec. room, check to see if your builder provides a drainage layer.